Campo della Fiera Santarcangelo

YEAR: 2002;

LOCATION: Municipality of Santarcangelo di Romagna – Rimini;

COORDINATOR: Arch. Claudio Lazzarini;

MATERIALS: river pebbles, local stones, anti-shock flooring;

The project idea is to bring the green back to where there was a lawn, and to return the water near where the “mill pit” flowed. Reassemble the thread of the story of those places so that they can continue to narrate an ancient story and at the same time they can become the place of new stories and new memories. The urban park rises in an area of ​​about one hectare which was historically the field of the fair, then a football field, and finally a square used as a parking lot. Two fountains are responsible for bringing the sound of water back into the park. The “Via dell’Acqua” a fountain that accompanies those who go up to the historic center all the way.

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